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Friday, July 18, 2014

How to install Window 7/8 using USB drive

How to install Window 7/8 using USB drive ?

Installing windows 7 using USB drive 

What are basic requirements ?
-----Windows 7 DVD
-----And a USB drive having minimum capacity of 8GB.

 What  are advantages if we install window 7 using flash drive ?

----First overall speed of the installation willl increase significantly.
----Carrying USB is more easy and convienient than DVD.
----It also become possible to install windows 7 on  that systems which are not having  DVD drives    such as Net book..

Steps of installing windows 7 using USB drive.
---- Insert USB
---- Run the command prompt as administrator. (Type cmd in start and right click on cmd and click on "run as administrator".)
----In the command prompt type the following command


 A new window will appear and execute the following commands in that new window.
  (This process may take few seconds)
Do not  close the command prompt. Minimize it.
----Insert window 7 DVD .
----Maximize cmd and execute the following commands

-   N: CD BOOT   (hit enter Here "N" is my DVD drive letter write your one's here)
-   BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 O:  (Here "O" is my USB drive letter)

After entering the command this messages appear
    Your USB device is ready for the boot. Now copy the content of DVD to the USB.
The thing you left to do is to enabling the USB boot options in the BIOS from CD-ROM or HDD.
Enjoy installing windows from USB . If any problem leave it in the comment section.

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