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Friday, May 10, 2013

Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia announces the Lumia 928: 4.5-inch OLED display, OIS camera, xenon flash.

The Nokia Lumia 928 is the latest installment of the Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 line-up and comes equipped with everything you need to capture summer memories as they unfold. Nokia Lumia 928 features Nokia’s powerful PureView imaging technology, including Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), which makes it easy to capture blur-free pictures and videos every time, even in low-light. Along with OIS, the Nokia Lumia 928 features a Carl Zeiss lens – and photo buffs will love that a xenon flash is on board.

To go along with the stunning imaging capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 928, we’ve built in three high-audio-amplitude-capture microphones to make sure you can capture high-end, distortion-free audio even in the noisiest environments. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a monster truck rally, rock concert or summer party, you’ll have the best audio possible on a mobile with the Nokia Lumia 928 thanks to these high-performance microphones that record sound naturally and distortion-free, up to 140db.

The Nokia Lumia 928 is available from May 16th at Verizon Wireless and at your local Verizon Wireless Store for a price of $99.99 after a $50 mail in rebate. Also, a new 2-year service agreement is required. Without contract price is $499.99

As a sweet bonus – for a limited time – buyers of the Nokia Lumia 928 will get a $25 credit for Windows Phone apps and games with the purchase of the phone.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Stylish Text/Fonts

Do you want to add lots of fun to SMS, emails, Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites? Then use this app to create amazing text Ⓔⓕⓕⓔⓒⓣⓢ. With Stylish text you can write in Different ᴅɪғғᴇʀᴇɴᴛ ˢⁱᶻᵉ and §†ץℓℯ and can also ǝʇɐʇoᴚ.

Links for download

You can download it from here for all Windows devices.


Or scan this QR Code

How to use:

In this application you will see two textboxes, In left side's textbox you can write, and right side textbox will show stylied text.

Tap on left side's textbox and type what you want.

Now click on Generate button. It will copy text from left textbox to right textbox and will change its style to selected style.

You can select any style by pressing styles button from bottom, which it next to Generate button. Now it will show a list of available styles.
There a list of style is available, scroll and click on any style which you like.
Then text style of right textbox will be change.

you can copy it by tapping text in textbox, after tap text will be highlight and a copy icon will be display near to highlighted text, Click on that icon, Now text will be copy into clipboard.

Now open any application/webpage where you want to use that text.

And in that application when you will start typing anything then past icon will be show on keyboard.

Press paste icon, and your stylied text will be pasted.
Done ;)

How to create your own style

In application you can save your own 5 text styles. Click on Edit/Add styles

Now choose which style you want to edit, then click on Edit button.

 After click edit button, a textbox from bottom will be enable, Click on it and edit its characters.
for edit style you need to type/copy here text in this format


And no space should be in this, You can search characters on internet on some are also available in your device. Just press and hold any character key from keyboard and it will show its related characters (if available) and choose your favorite.

When you finish then click on save button.

Now your style will be save.

Now you can use your own modified style. In list of available styles choose your style and see its effect on text.

How to close application in Windows Phone 8.1 and 10

In Windows Phone 8.1 when you will press back button, then this application will not be close. This application will be minimize (because Back button don't terminate processes of appx files). So for close this application press and hold back key, scroll left/right and find this application.
Scroll down this application.
Now application will be close. :)
You can close all application in Windows Phone 8.1 in this way. ;)