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Friday, July 18, 2014

How to hide Specific Partition in Windows

Simple way to hide specific 
(System Reserved)  partition in windows 7

There has been a problem with the specific partition / System Reserved partition for some Windows 7 users often. It shows nothing in it but visible in "My Computer" area. Today we'll know how to hide it without any software......

After installing windows 7 it is disgusting to see system reserved partition in "Computer"
Searching the way to hide your unwanted / specific partition.....

OK! Let's start...

First : You have to understand how your computer categorically show your drives / partitions in "Computer". There are many way you can make a custom show your drives / partitions which can be handled with "View Tab" after opening your "My Computer".

Here you can see 3 options : 1. View  2. Short by  3. Group by

Important to know is your "Drive Latter"  It is responsible for these change you make to view your drives / partitions in different views.

Second : Find the "Drive Latter" of your specific drive. You'll have to do some work with your drive latter after some times.

Your "Drive Latter" of specific drive look likes some "D" / "E" / "F" or else shown in the picture below:

system Reserved

Here the drive latter is "F"

Third : Now open "Run" command by pressing  "Win logo + R" and write this code in it "diskmgmt.msc"and press enter. You can see your disk management window will now appear.

System Reserved

Fourth : Now carefully do as I say, 

  1. Right click on "Specific" drive
  2. Click on "Change Drive Letter Or Path"
  3. Select the "Drive Letter" on the box
  4. Click on "Remove" below 

Now there is no drive letter for that "Specific" drive....

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