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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Love Cheater

Some time you send your lover "I love you" various time in a message or like this kind of message. But if in one message you write various time "I love you, I love you" etc then your lover think that you have write only once and copy and paste it various time.

But if you add number with each "I love you" then he/she will think that you spend lot of time for write it.

But we are not stupid, we can generate this kind of messages by this application. You have to just fill your lover name, your message, starting number ending number or length of message. and then click on Generate and copy button. then the whole text will copied into clipboard. you can send it to your love by sms, email, Facebook or any another method, Or you can do anything that you want.

I've added name option, It has two advantages.

  • Your lover can't forward your message to another one, (if he/she has already another GF/BF)
  • your lover can't think that another one sent you that message.

I've used this for my girlfriends, all thinks that i love them truly, But I'm not.. :)

Latest version is You can download it from here.

How to use this application

First download and install Love Cheater application. You can download it from here. Then start application. It will look like this.
In first text-box (Under message) type that message which you want to repeat, for example here in this message i've written i love u. (Note use very short message, because it will increase size of message). And if you want to add your lover name in each message then Check Add Lover name in message Checkbox, And type your Lover Name in textbox (Name of Lover Textbox will show only when then you have checked Add Lover name in message Checkbox). Now type the Starting number of message (For example if you have last time sent messages up-to 100 then type 101 in textbox) and ending number in second textbox (for example if you want to generate messages up-to 200 then type 200 in textbox) or if you want to set length of message (for example if you want to send message in 1 SMS only then you can Check Set Length Checkbox and type 160 in textbox)  then Check Set Length Checkbox and type maximum length of message in textbox. Now click on Generate and copy button. Now you've approximately done it :)
 Now that message has been copied into clipboard of your device, you can use it any where, for example if you want to send that text in messages then open messages and choose contact to whom you want to send.
Then click on Paste button (as showing in following image)
You have done it. You can make fool you lover very easily. It is not difficult :D

If you have any suggestion/complaint about this application then you can contact with me.
This kind of message will really impress your lover. Try it. If you like this application then please rate this application, your feedback/rating is important for me.

This application may be useless for some peoples.

If this application hurt feelings of someone then I'm sorry.