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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Install 7.8 by third party tool

This topic is about install 7.8 on your device in case of your device say no update found while running 7.5.
It will install 7.8 on your windows phone 7.5

This update tool/application or any part of this is not created/developed by me, So I'm not responsible for any kind of damage of your phone or computer with this, And developer is also not responsible, So do it at your own risk. Happy Update :) I will suggest you to install 7.8 in proper way which I've explained here.

Step 1: Download WP7 Update Tool from here and install it. It will install like this.
and after install automatic will close.
Step 2: Download SevenEighter from here
Step 3: Extract all files of SevenEighter archive into 1 folder, and then run SevenEighter.exe

Step 4: Attach your Phone with computer via datacable, Now Zune will start, close Zune. Now check if phone is locked then unlock it.
Step 5: Click on Install WP7.8 button in SevenEighter.
if there is any error then it will show following error message boxes
1) Error Zune WMDU is missing

It means Zune is not installed on your computer or Zune is not properly installed. Make sure that you have installed Zune in proper way and you're using latest version of Zune.
2) Zune is running,

You need to close Zune while you're updating your phone with this tool.
3) No device were found.

Attach your Windows Phone with computer via datacable only, and make sure that phone is power on and have sufficient batter for update.
4) Device handshake failed

Make sure that phone is not key locked, unlock it.

Step 5: Now choose languages which you want to install in your phone, I'll suggest you to select all. and then click on Continue button.

Now it will take some time to download updates and install them in your phone. This may take approximately 20 minutes, but time may vary depending upon your internet connection speed, computer speed and phone speed. Do not use or disconnect your phone while phone is updating. After complete it will show folling message.

Now you can disconnect your phone and can use your phone, You may be feel that your phone is slow, but after some time your phone will be work fine, it may take up-to 1 hour. :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Love Cheater

Some time you send your lover "I love you" various time in a message or like this kind of message. But if in one message you write various time "I love you, I love you" etc then your lover think that you have write only once and copy and paste it various time.

But if you add number with each "I love you" then he/she will think that you spend lot of time for write it.

But we are not stupid, we can generate this kind of messages by this application. You have to just fill your lover name, your message, starting number ending number or length of message. and then click on Generate and copy button. then the whole text will copied into clipboard. you can send it to your love by sms, email, Facebook or any another method, Or you can do anything that you want.

I've added name option, It has two advantages.

  • Your lover can't forward your message to another one, (if he/she has already another GF/BF)
  • your lover can't think that another one sent you that message.

I've used this for my girlfriends, all thinks that i love them truly, But I'm not.. :)

Latest version is You can download it from here.

How to use this application

First download and install Love Cheater application. You can download it from here. Then start application. It will look like this.
In first text-box (Under message) type that message which you want to repeat, for example here in this message i've written i love u. (Note use very short message, because it will increase size of message). And if you want to add your lover name in each message then Check Add Lover name in message Checkbox, And type your Lover Name in textbox (Name of Lover Textbox will show only when then you have checked Add Lover name in message Checkbox). Now type the Starting number of message (For example if you have last time sent messages up-to 100 then type 101 in textbox) and ending number in second textbox (for example if you want to generate messages up-to 200 then type 200 in textbox) or if you want to set length of message (for example if you want to send message in 1 SMS only then you can Check Set Length Checkbox and type 160 in textbox)  then Check Set Length Checkbox and type maximum length of message in textbox. Now click on Generate and copy button. Now you've approximately done it :)
 Now that message has been copied into clipboard of your device, you can use it any where, for example if you want to send that text in messages then open messages and choose contact to whom you want to send.
Then click on Paste button (as showing in following image)
You have done it. You can make fool you lover very easily. It is not difficult :D

If you have any suggestion/complaint about this application then you can contact with me.
This kind of message will really impress your lover. Try it. If you like this application then please rate this application, your feedback/rating is important for me.

This application may be useless for some peoples.

If this application hurt feelings of someone then I'm sorry.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How to update 7.8

What is needed to install 7.8 in your 7.5 phone

You should have an computer
You should have datacable of your phone
You should have windows XP SP3 or Vista or 7 or 8 installed in your computer
If you have Windows 8 in your computer then you need to install .net 3.5
Zune should be installed in your computer, if you don't have Zune installed in your computer then you can download it from
It will be much better if you will install update from Primary computer
If you are updating your phone from primary computer then you have no deed to worry about you data (like: Images, videos, songs, contacts, messages, installed applications and all settings) all data will be safe,

Important note:
if you are updating your phone from laptop than make sure that your laptop's battery has sufficient power for update your phone
you should not use your phone when you're updating it
You should not disconnect your phone when phone is updating

How to install
Step 1 attach your Windows Phone 7.5 with your computer via datacable, and make sure that phone screen is not locked, If locked then unlock it, Zune will automatic start, if zune not start then start in manually.

Step 2 Click on Phone

Step 3 Click on Settings

Step 4 Click on update

It will take some time to check for updates,

Step 5 after check it will show that update found and it will display list of features of new update.

Step 6 Click on update now button
Step 7 it will start updating your phone

It will take approximately 10 minutes for update your phone, Note: time may be vary, time depend on your internet connection speed, computer performance, and size of data which stored in your phone.
You phone will restart several times and some time phone screen will show like this

Step 8 in last it will check for additional updates

Step 9 Now phone is updated, you can now disconnected phone from computer and can use it.

Note: After update 7.8 you may feel that your phone is working very slow, but it will be all right after 1 hour.

When you check for update and it show error like following image then it means that you have not installed Zune in proper way, you need to reinstall Zune

If it shows no update available and if you have purchased your phone with any contract then make sure that 7.8 is available for your device right now or not, You should contact with your cellular service provider.

If it show no update available, but 7.8 update is available in your country for your mobile then in computer open CONTROL PANEL, here you will find REGION option.

Open it, here click on Location option and select your country,

then click on ok button and check for update again.
If 7.8 is not available in your country and your phone is unlocked (here unlocked mean that you can use any GSM sim in your phone) then open Control Panel and open region, here in location tab select that country where 7.8 is available, for example you can choose India  because in India 7.8 is released. now press ok button and try for update your phone :)
If it not work there here is another way to update your Windows Phone 7.5 which I've explained here

Windows Phone contact Import Export

If you want to save your windows phone contacts into your computer then you can do it via following steps:
Step 1: go to click on contacts
Step:2 now click on Manage and select Export
step 3: Now you will see that your contacts has been saved in your computer.
If you want to add contacts in your account/WindowsPhone from a file then click on import from file
you can also import email addresses from your facebook accounts.
here select format and upload file

if you have outlook format account then open your email then click according to showing in these photos
Now all the remaining steps are same. go to step 3 :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Custom devices list

Palm: 7081486362
Sidekick: 21810043296
Sony Ericsson: 38125372145
iPad: 112930718741625
Foursquare: 86734274142
Telegram: 140881489259157
Carrier Pigeon: 130263630347328
Morse Code: 134929696530963
Message in a Bottle: 123903037653697
Commodore 64: 138114659547999
Your moms computer: 132386310127809
TRS-80: 134998549862981
K.I.T.T.: 129904140378622
Mind Computer Interface: 121111184600360
eyePhone: 110455835670222
toaster: 203192803063920
microwave: 0a5266c8844a1b09211e7eb38242ac2f
Super Nintendo Entertainment System: 235703126457431
Gameboy Color: 180700501993189
GoD: 256591344357588
Glade Air Freshner: 4aeb4db2e8df1cdb7f952b2269afb560
Strawberry: a4c9fb1708a848c2241674531176209b
The moon: 221826277855257
Dr. Pepper: eea90d40e1d12565695dbbbdbd5e965b
Nintendo wii: 243870508973644
Alcohol: 250335888312118
Cheese: 218791271497130
iPod Nano: 142039005875499
Nintendo 64: 236264753062118
Microsoft Excel: 242740155751069
Linux Ubuntu: 220593361311050
My Bedroom: 174811032586879
Your Mums Bedroom: 5f64bbc9ac2f12b983200925da461322
Lamp: 230755826955133
Refrigerator: 250828364944350
A potato: 127926427295267
Vibrator: eb4c6d1a60e19a7795da501e1f468035
Sperm Whale: 170318539700306
Pogo Stick: 185103391549701
Banana Phone: 1477a4cd29ec724a3de19be5d26e0389
Google+: 4d8243dbb7064f88351fe6c809582320
The Future: 108372819220732
Smoke Signal: 134138923334682
tin cans connected by string: 242191299125647
Pokedex: de3da265cf6976745bb1d60a8c198151
Telepathy: ea01a57edb26cf1de143f09d45cfa913
Typewriter: d3d554bf60297cb2c384e3d7cf5a066d
Harry Potter: b8ebeb983f45eaa0bd5f4f66cad97654
TARDIS: 200439256674396
Pip Boy: 142806259133078
Mind Control: 1dc633368924b3b0b4d08e3f83230760
Jedi Mind Control: 240597869302110
Telekinesis: 224139600960217
Post-It Note: 115227201900831
GLaDOS: 246126362083515
Ansible: 185474028180003
W.O.P.R: 228373497202865
Airwolf: 123944137696757
HMCS Belafonte: 222345601140304
Hogwarts: 2dc1d3004dbc4a67c4b552be3c25ccb0
Stephen Hawking's Wheelchair: 129985073756521
Head Antenna: 221107014598348
UPS: 258012620879655
Fedex: 232029733497914
Raven from King's Landing: 193094050743722
Harbinger of Doom: 180354375362451
Mind Meld: 186993071361881
Unspeakable Ritual: 174903625908095
A Van down by the River: 119883641439994
Pony Express: 186359518090057
Sub-Etha: 120168391409358
Myspace: 119920871434786
Friendster: 247310815280913
Zombocom: 195518590504787
Postcard: 213487932030106
Toilet: 173687282696461
Minecraft: 231623746870852
Accident: 211312955581644
Mystery Machine: 259314457416472
Magic: 181277448602956
Hell: 148841558523990
The afterlife: 220816157954138
Heaven: 245437548809330
The Event Horizon: 119999311425820
The Laughing Man: 222077737828487
The Lexx: 123356437754169
Microsoft Zune: 23244056678669
NOKIA 5110 limited edition: 57e9e9cf7b70a4c22ef3e3c14b773ad0
Faсebook for Nokia 5110™: d8894b60d616afaae688eed90dbecb1c
NOKIA - 5110: 149214201832694
Sogo Hotel: 208748075928606
nokia 1100: 8cde698466c545af54619984ae9d6393
Nokia 3310 XpressMusic Slide™: 280466278724454
NOKIA 3310: 293849637366980
NOKIA 3310 TOUCHSCREEN: 256431371077524
Nokia 3315 touch screen: 232579910115119

How to create your own application
It is very easy to create a application. Click here to visit tutorial of create application

NFS The Run Black Screen fix

In some computers Need For Speed The Run not runs. When user try to run game the black screen displays and upper right corner animating icon display like this..

You can fix this by downloading this tool.
Click here to download

Screenshots of Need For Speed The Run

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Windows Customizer

Windows Customizer is a Windows tool. Windows Customizer allows you to customize you computer’s following settings:
  •  Change/Remove Manufacturer Logo
  •  Change/Remove Manufacturer company name
  •  Change/Remove Manufacturer website
  •  Customize icons of Drives

If you're using cracked copy of Windows 8 then in  most of cases you can't change user account  picture and you also can't change color scheme,  But with Windows Customizer you can  change it.

Windows Customizer works with following windows
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows  7
  • Microsoft Windows  8
For run Windows Customizer on Windows Vista or 7.NET 4.5 should installed.
For run Windows Customizer .NET 3.5 should installed. You can download latest version of .NET from here.

If you are using Windows 8 then you should use Windows Customizer

Windows Customizer is copyright protected. You can’t modify Windows Customizer. Windows Customizer is not for sale. You can upload Windows Customizer into any website (you have no need to ask for this).  You can make any numbers of copies Windows Customizer.

Archive of version containing following files/folder(s)

This is main file.

This is help file

This is folder containing icons. This folder 8 icons

For run Windows Customizer make sure that no file should delete (why you don’t read me.pdf does not matter).

For more information about use Windows Customizer click here.